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Contemporary art is crazy, isn't it? However, it's not so crazy that I can't spot a super-talented artist when I see one. Art galleries and museums take note. Here are some fantastic artists whom I believe - regardless of whether they've already had solo shows or not - are doing work that has them on the path toward becoming contemporary art masters. These artists should be doing only solo shows from now on. Click on their names and read about them. Keep your eyes on them ... I will be updating this page from time to time. Here's why I picked this group.


Stephanie Weber    George Salner    Ellen Fisch    

Tao Jones    Jerome Romain    Carlos Escolastico    

Serafino Rudari    Priscilla Ainhoa Griscti    Audrey Anastasi       

Arthur Huang    Philippe Halaburda    Joel Armstrong

Ted Lawson    Barbara Rachko    Christopher Gulick

Scott Rohlfs    Richard Whadcock    Pavlina Chakarova

Carolyn O'Neill    Michael Kravagna    Jono Dry

50 Contemporary Art Masters

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